Railroads are the most capital intensive industry in the United States. The industry spends billions annually in maintaining and improving their infrastructure. From 1980 through 2003, Class I railroads invested more than $320 billion on infrastructure and equipment!


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Near Gravity Coal Loads

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Near Zero Gravity Coal Loads weigh about 1 gram in HO scale and 3 loads weigh 1 gram in N scale. If you like to run long trains with loads on your layout then this is the product for you. The loads of a 100 car train in HO scale would add about 3 ounces of weight. The loads of a 100 car train in N scale would add about an ounce of weight.

This has advantages of preventing your train from string lining on curves and also preserves the lifespan of your expensive locomotives by pulling much less weight than other loads.

These loads are made out of foam that is cut to length for the car and the ends trimmed to represent a carload of coal. They have a high gloss black sparkly look and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Discounts provided for multiple loads.

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