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Fascia Mount Control Panel Enclosure

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  CP Titus Box Control Panel   Titus Control Box   

This metal control box is designed for fascia mount. It is 8 inches long, 3 inches high and 2 inches deep. It has a fine powder coat black finish with a Poly Carbonate cover. These types of control box enclosures are used at locations around your layout where you need a diagram of the track plan for turnouts and sidings. The Poly Carbonate cover is placed over your diagram and can hold the various switches or buttons for control of these locations features. There are two predrilled holes for mounting the box and a large access hole for the entry of wires into the box from the fascia.

 Additional custom services provided by JAM Creations can be the creation of the diagram of your control point, "OS" or yard ladder in CAD, and have the diagram and the switches mounted in place on the Poly Carbonate cover for you.

Facia Control Box    Facia Control Box  Facia Control Box   
       Changing the Enclosure Cover Plate 

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