Railroads are the most capital intensive industry in the United States. The industry spends billions annually in maintaining and improving their infrastructure. From 1980 through 2003, Class I railroads invested more than $320 billion on infrastructure and equipment!


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Stealth Track Cleaners/Maintainers

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Stealth Track Cleaner Freight Cars and Locomotives

Made in the USA

Tested on Atlas Track

Keep your railroad running at it’s best with these Track Cleaner Freight Cars and Locomotives. 

The Track Cleaner Freight Cars are made from a modified Bowser 100 ton 45’ triple hopper or a modified Bowser 70 ton two bay covered hopper.

The Track Cleaner Locomotives are made from a modified Stewart F unit series locomotive or an Athearn late GP series locomotive. These are available in powered, non-powered or chassis only versions for when you use your own body shell.

Built into the bottom of these cars and locomotives are four independent spring loaded cleaning feet that can be equipped with any combination of felt or abrasive disks, that ride the rail tops removing oxidation, dirt and grime. These cleaning feet are set slightly inward of rail center to force some rotation of the foot as the cleaner encounters curves. This ensures that the whole disk is used rather than a straight line. You can clean and re-use the abrasive disks.

No liquids are used so the tracks get clean and stay clean. The Stealth track cleaner can be used at any time you run your trains.

Assortment Pack of 16 cleaning disks included

                The advantage of a locomotive Track Cleaner

The bottom line in track cleaning is that the powered units wheels must remain clean in order to have good electrical pickup. Our track cleaner is made to run up FRONT. Disguised as a locomotive, this track cleaner will remove the grime before your powered units encounter grime thus preserving their clean wheels for good electrical pickup.


Stewart F unit Stealth Cleaner  

70 Ton two bay stealth Cleaner  

Bowser 100 Ton 3 Bay Stealth Cleaner  



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Track Cleaner kits
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TRACK CLEANING LOCOMOTIVE CHASSIS Track Cleaning ChassisTrack Cleaning Chassis

Extra Cleaning Pads Click for larger image!


N Scale Cleaner
N scale Track Cleaneer

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